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July 22, 2021

Pevi 56 – Independent creative agency focused on art. Based in Brazil.

Pevi is an independent agency focused on art and culture, guided by creation, connection and organization. Founded in 2019 by Angelina Colicchio and Lucas Moratelli.

Our aim is to promote the artistic world and freedom of expression. Our mission is to express what your head needs to say to the world.

More people need to hear your ideas!

We believe in the possibility of building a healthy and unique relationship with cultural projects, their managers and the public through communication and design.

We are two and many more:

Angelina Colicchio, graduated in Communication, Social Qualification in Public Relations at Faculdade Cásper Líbero (2014), Cultural Production at Senac (2015), Cultural Management at Pontifical Catholic University (2017).Worked as the communication manager for Broadway musicals in Brazil, brazilian theater plays, Teatro Procópio Ferreira and Casa Paris 6 Burlesque’s productions in the company Chaim XYZ (2017). Later, she worked as the communication manager of the arenas Theatro Net São Paulo, Theatro Net Rio, Theatro Bangu Shopping and Teatro Doutor Botica, for the company Brain + Entertainment (2018), having also worked as the communication director for the launch of Teatro Liberdade, managed by producer Infinitus Entertainment (2019). Currently works as an independent and creative communicator.

Lucas Moratelli, graduated in Fine Arts at UFRRJ with a specialization in illustration and design. Worked for 3 years (from 2015 to 2017) as the communication consultant and art director at the Municipal Department of Culture of Itaguaí. In 2018, directed “A Cor da Terça”, a film selected by the public notice for Cultural Territories of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro with support from the company Light. In the same year, worked as the art director for the production company Brain +, being responsible for the visual communication of four cultural facilities throughout Brazil. Currently works as a visual artist and independent designer, having been licensed in 2020 by Itaú Cultural with the series of photographs “We have this and this is very little”.

Pevi also has a network of partner professionals who, with their specific skills, join forces to make your ideas become reality.

Pevi comes from the gathering of people, creating networks and sharing spaces.

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